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PreCare & PostCare Instructions

PreCare Instructions:

No coffee the day of procedure.

No aspirin the day of procedure.

You may take extra-strength Tylenol, if you have a low pain 

tolerance. Dont worry, I numb you.

Wash your hair the morning or night before procedure.

Wax one week prior if you like the shape your brow girl/guy gives you.

Or, grow out your brows completely and I will work with as much natural hair you have and then give you a shape you want.

PostCare Instructions:

Day 1  to day 15: Wash your brows in a circular motion morning and night with gold dail soap. Dab dry. Apply aquaphor or A and D ointment after you wash.  

Day 10 to day 30: DO NOT PICK OFF YOUR SCABS! Picking off scabs will pull out the pigment. If your brows are itchy you may use a thin layer of aloe vera gel on your brows.

Read Image

This document goes over who can and cannot get permanent makeup.  Please read over, Selena will go over this with you.

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