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Skin types

Oily skin; can cause your skin not to hold the pigment (color) or to cause hair strokes to become blurry. Microblading can still be done but not recommended for this skin type.

Powder brows is recommended for oily skin or sensitive skin.

Normal to dry skin; will retain the pigment longer and is the perfect skin type for microblading and powder.

Young skin: results fade faster

Mature skin: results last longer

How long to heal? remember..

Heal, peel and fade!

Day 1: I love my brows! 

Day 2-5: Darker and thicker brows may be present. Red/inflammed brows are normal. 

Day 5-10: Brows will begin to scab, DO NOT PICK at your brows.

Day 11: Brows will be lighter. If healed, you can use pencil on your eyebrows.

Day 14-28: Brows will become darker, patchy and uneven.

Day 42 (6 weeks to 8 weeks): Touch up session done and Brows are perfect!! 

Not recommended

If you are pregnant, botox (past 2 weeks), taking Actuate (past 1.5 years), Chemotherapy in the last year, active sunburn, keloid and hypertrophic scarring.

Doctor consent needed for the following medical conditions:

- Taking blood thinners

- Diabetic

- Epileptic as seizures 

- Autoimmune disorders

- Organ transplant

Touch up

You can lose 30% to 60% of the color and intensity as the skin heals. Touch up procedures are to fill, correct and darken to provide the desired look. 

Pigment (color) will last 1 to 2 years after a 2 to 3 month touch up. Annual or biannual touch ups are necessary for optimal vibrancy. 

Longevity of your brows also depends on your facial creams/cleansers/make-up ingredients, certain chemicals can cause the color to fade or change colors.

Previous eyebrow tattoo

Do you have a previous eyebrow tattoo? 

Disclose when you talk to Selena about Microblading options.

Do you want to change or fix what they have previously had done? 

I can color correct from red to brown. I can add hair strokes to your existing eyebrow tattoo if light enough. If the previous tattoo is to dark you may have to consider laser removal prior to a procedure. 

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