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Microblading is the newest trend in permanent make-up. This is a permanent procedure that mimics the same size of an eyebrow hair stroke through small incisions made with a microblade. LA MicroBrow only uses top quality disposable microblades and Permablend pigment. 



Powder Brows

Powder brows is a great option for oily skin, unable to hold microbladed strokes, older clients with thinner skin and anyone who wants a fuller powder look.Powder brows can be done as light as a brow tint or as dark as glam.You and Selena will decide on how dark to make your brows.Remember, they do fade, shrink and soften 10% to 40%.This technique is best for covering up old permanent make up work you may have or old microblading that did not heal to your liking. or maybe you want a fuller look!

Microblading and Shading (combo)

Microblading and shading is a great way to enhance your brow hair. Microblading is meant to look "gappy" as that is how natural brows look.When I combine shading with your microblading strokes it takes your brow to the next level.We are able to achieve a fuller, natural and balanced look when shading is added. Keep in mind, Microblading shrinks and can fade between 20 to 40%! Even more if you have oily skin.Dont worry, if you dont like how your microblading heals I will powder your brows 


Selena Dailey

Ombre Powder Brows - trained by BrowDaddy

Ombre Powder Brows is another new trend to hit the permanent make-up scene. This is a permanent procedure that mimics the look of powder eyebrow makeup. This is done by implanting several layers of pigment into the brow to create a powdery permanent brow. Custom shape and colors for all clients.

 LA MicroBrow only uses Top quality machines, tools and PermaBlend pigments 





Visibly spaced hair strokes. This is the most natural looking option. This provides a fuller brow, This is not a makeup desired look. 



Microblading + shading

Microbladed hair strokes and shading. Pigment is added to fill in the visible space to provide a combination of hair strokes and a makeup look.

image000000 3.jpg

Ombre Powder Brows



Using a machine to give a powder make up finish. Healed results are 10% to 30% lighter and softer. Great for cover ups and oily skin.


image000000 2.jpg

Lip blush


Creating a soft blush, pink or fleshy tone or a more lipstick look on lips. While sharpening the borders of the lips to bring back the fullness of your natural shape. Bringing balance back to your lips! May take several sessions, results vary per client.



Lash line enhancement eyeliner

The most subtle big difference you can make to your eyes. It gives sultry eyes. Fill in the gaps with a lash line enhancement eyeliner service




Do you have old permanent makeup done from another artist or country? Has the color faded and in need of a touch up? 

Text "correction" to 323.420.6443 with a photo of your brows with no makeup on to see if I can correct or work over your brows in their current state. 




LA MicroBrow uses only disposable needles and supplies for each client. All tools are disposable and package is marked with a lot number and expiration date.


LA MicroBrow pre-numbs the brow area with numbing cream for 15 to 20 minutes then we begin to microblade. We also numb during the procedure, using tag 45, ultra duration or sustaine. No pre numb is needed for powder brows as it is a light pressure. But you are numbed after the outline and comfortable throughout the service.


Clients state that microblading feels like tweezing or threading your eyebrows if they feel it.


LA MicroBrow uses a mask and Nitrile gloves during the procedure.


Procedure bed is lined with new covering for each client. 


Cavicide is used before and after all clients on all surfaces.


LA MicroBrow uses Permablend a top quality pigment. We carry different lines from Permablend: the 

Browdaddy gold collection, Evenflo Brow line and sultry lip kit for lip blush. 

We also carry Mara colors and RBK for lips.

Mara color and evenflo for eyeliner.

Permanent makeup services

For latest updates and new appointment announcements please follow me on Instagram @lamicrobrow. 


Fill out the Booking section below to ask for more info. 


Deposit will be taken after it is determined that you are a candidate for permanent makeup.


Payments and deposits Via: Venmo, Paypal, Zelle or Cashapp. Cash is appreciated at time of visit to pay balance as well.


Please text 323.420.6443 a picture of your brows with no makeup on to determine if you are a candidate for permanent makeup.


Hair like strokes - manual tool

3 hours


* $100 deposit required 


Microblading + shading (Combo)

Hair like strokes + powder look

3 hours


* $100 deposit required

Ombre Powder brows

Powder make up look. Trained by BrowDaddy.


3 hours per session

* $100 deposit required

Touch up

1 to 3 months after first session. Eyebrows and lip blush


* $100 deposit required


12 months after touch up session. Eyebrows and lip blush.


* $100 deposit required

Biannual touch up (2 year)

24 months after touch up session. If you do not come back for a biannual touch up you will be considered a new client and will need to pay for a new service.


* $100 deposit required

Lip Blush

Light natural pink to lipstick makeup look for lips.


* $100 deposit required

Lip Blush

A natural soft pink tint to your lips

image000000 2.jpg

Lip Blush 

Lip blush is the newest technique to hit permanent makeup! Enhance your lips with a natural pink tint. Wake up and only apply clear lip gloss or chapstick!

artist/photo: LA MicroBrow

Lip Blush process

Ready to watch your lips transform into the natural pink they use to be!? 

Lets see what lip blush can do for you! 

Perfect for women and men who have lost pigment in their lips over the years. 

Adds symmetry and shape to lip that have lost volume over time. 

We map out your lips and then apply the pigment of the target color with a machine and single needle to your lips.

History of herpes or cold sores please beware, this procedure can trigger an outbreak. You can take medication or a vitamin prior to your procedure. 

Email us for more info! Or text 818.860.2744

artist/photo: LA MicroBrow

lip blush process

Skin types

Oily to really oily skin; can cause your skin not to hold the pigment (color) or to cause hair strokes to become blurry. Microblading can still be done but not recommended for this skin type. Powder brows are recommended for this type of skin.

Normal to oily skin: lines may or may not blur. Good skin type, you can powder your brows on the touch up if you don’t like how microblading heals.

Normal to dry skin; will retain the pigment longer and is the perfect skin type for microblading. This skin type holds the color more crisp rather than them blurring on oily skin.

Dry skin: will fade faster, holds the color and crisp strokes much better. Can also fade much faster like oily skin but the opposite way, the skin is constantly shedding and causing the skin with implanted pigment to come off the skin sooner. 

How long to heal? remember..

Heal, peel and fade!

Day 1: I love my brows! 

Day 2-5: Darker and thicker brows may be present. Red/inflammed brows are normal. 

Day 5-10: Brows will begin to scab, DO NOT PICK at your brows.

Day 11: Brows will be lighter. If healed, you can use pencil on your eyebrows.

Day 14-28: Brows will start to become darker as the pigment is coming back up through the skin, will appear patchy and uneven.

Day 42 (6 weeks to 8 weeks): Touch up session done and Brows are perfect!! 

Brows can last up to you 1 to 3 years depending on skin and lifestyle. 

The more you are active, sweat, in the sun, using chemical on your face, exfoliating and more can cause you to fade your brows faster.

My girls heal in 7 to 10 days when following healing instructions.

Not recommended

If you are pregnant, botox less than 2 weeks, taking Actuate (past 1.5 years), Chemotherapy in the last year, active sunburn, keloid and hypertrophic scarring.

Doctor consent needed for the following medical conditions:

- Taking blood thinners

- Diabetic

- Epileptic as seizures 

- Autoimmune disorders

- Organ transplant

Please disclose if you have any illnesses and if they are controlled.

Please consider the curvature of your face and brows. Most people are asymmetrical, meaning each side of your face is different then the other, but this is what makes us beautiful and unique!

Keep in mind we are trying to reach perfection and we will get your brows as perfect as we can for your face. 

We customize our clients brows to each individual.

Touch up

You can lose 10% to 30% of the color and intensity as the skin heals. Touch up procedures are to fill, correct and darken to provide the desired look. Pigment (color) will last 1 to 3 years after a 1 - 3 month touch up.

Longevity of your brows also depends on your facial creams/cleansers/make-up ingredients, certain chemicals can cause the color to fade or change colors.

Previous eyebrow tattoo

Do you have a previous eyebrow tattoo? 

Disclose when you talk to Selena about Microblading options. Powder brows might be the best option depending on your desired look.

Do you want to change or fix what they have previously had done? 

I can color correct from red to brown. I can add hair strokes to your existing eyebrow tattoo if light enough. If the previous tattoo is to dark you may have to consider laser removal prior to a procedure. 

LA MicroBrow follows a process of consulting, listening to your likes and dislikes, mapping and designing your brows, obtaining your approval then numbing you for 15 to 20 mins, 

I test out the first stroke to see if you can feel it, then I continue to do 95% of your brows laying down then the last 5% is with you sitting up and we nit pick at your brows. Once we are done I apply aftercare to your brows and give you an aftercare kit to take home including soap, aquaphor, tissue and instructions. 


Selena Dailey

Certified as a Microblading technician, Selena takes pride in proper sanitary practices as LA MicroBrow is a disposable needle artist.


Selena Dailey received her training in La Mirada, CA by one of the best training schools, Eyebrow Symmetry. Selena is committed to giving women natural long lasting symmetrical eyebrows. She is constantly researching the best and newest products and techniques daily.


In 2018, Selena won best ombre powder brows at the BrowDaddy Masterclass. Selena is also certified in five other Powder brow certifications. 


Investing over $20,000 over the last four years in 10+ trainings, conferences, courses, supplies, products and new studio, Selena is dedicated to give you the best there is to offer when it comes to permanent makeup and your experience. 


Selena guides you through the color process ensuring the best pigment that is complimentary to your skin and hair tones. She maps out your eyebrows until you approve and then proceeds to numb the eyebrow area. Once the numbing has taken affect Selena begins to microblade, constantly measuring and double checking length and placement of each hair stroke made. She makes you part of the deciding process, 


"These are your eyebrows, they should be done the way you want them done." - Selena 


At the end of the microblading procedure Selena makes any final touches regarding color and length that you want to add. She sends you home with a 7 day supply of soap, ointment and post instructions. 


Clients are encouraged to let us know how the healing process is going for them and to inform us of any changes or questions they may have.


A commitment to providing the eyebrows each individual desires, to build lasting relationships with my clients, and consistently reach new clients through social media and word of mouth. 

What sets us apart from other artists? 

I have all my clients part of the decision and detailing process, shoulder rubs to calm nerves, confidential conversation, breaks and talk you through all the steps during the process.


Client testimonials

Sept 2019

Ive been waiting for three years to get my brows done and I'm so glad I did! Selena did an amazing job, I'm so happy with how they came out! She completely reshaped my brows and had me watch and approve every step before.. 

Click the button to read the full yelp review!

Oily, normal to dry skin? 

Click on "Am I a good candidate for Microblading" at the top! 

Microblading or Powder brows? Find out at your consultation!

Wake up with eyebrows, shower or swim without them rubbing off!

Vacation coming up?

Waterproof brows!

Save up to 30 minutes each morning! Thats 182 hours a year!! 

7 - 10 days to heal. 

4 weeks for true results.

After a 6 to 8 week touch up, your brows can last from 1 to 2 years. 

Annual touch ups are recommended for optimal results.

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"The Sales Process: Turn Potentials into Paying Clients" was created to help permanent makeup artists and beauty professionals just like you to feel more confident in leading your potentials through a sales process resulting into leaving a deposit for your services. 

This course will give you the knowledge in how the sales process works and why some clients buy now and some later.

What you will learn, over 30 slides:

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  • Relationship building 

  • Understanding different buying styles

  • Mindset and more!

  • Includes a group coaching call! Live zoom Q&A.

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380 S. Lake Ave. 

Suite 205 A 

Pasadena, CA

Call now to ask any questions

Thinking about it? Have more questions?  

Text "pmu" to 323.420.6443 for a over the phone consult with Selena.

Payment, reschedule and cancellation policy:

*No refunds for all money paid towards private training workshops and services. 

 The deposit payment is due DAY OF BOOKING of your appointment with LA Microbrow. If your deposit is not received your appointment will be cancelled. Deposits are non refundable and can only be transferred to another date one time with more than 48 hour notice. Your appointment must be rescheduled at least 48 hours in advance or you forfeit your deposit. If there is a same day cancellation you will be charged 50% of the total service cost, as it is not possible to fill same day appointments. No call, no show results in 50% charge of total cost of service and up to the artist if you can book again. Deposits goes toward your balance. Any money paid toward your service is non refundable. Please contact Selena at 323.420.6443 for any questions about the cancellation and reschedule policy. 

Thank you for your understanding, LA MicroBrow

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